Calendar of Important Dates

** – INDICATES — FLY OUR FLAG at 1/2 STAFF (additional information)

1st New Years Day

1st 1951 Chinese push UN forces south of the 38th parallel – Korean War

1st 1863 Emancipation Proclamation

8th 1967 Operation Cedar Falls – Vietnam War

14th 1972 The 173rd Airborne Brigade was de-activated

*3rd Monday Martin Luuther King Jr. Day

17th 1991 Operation Desert Storm – Gulf War

*20th Inauguration Day

20th 1968 Battle of Khe Sanh – Vietnam War

22nd 1944 Anzio invasion – WWII

25th 1951 Operation Thunderbolt – Korean War

25th 2002 The 173rd 2/503 Battalion was re-activated

27th 1973 Treaty of Paris was signed – Vietnam War

27th 1943 First U.S. Air Raid on Germany

31st 1865 The 13th Amendment was approved to abolish slavery

1st National Freedom Day

1st 1944 1st Battle of Monte Cassino

2nd 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe – War with Mexico

3rd “Four Chaplains Day” in honor of WWII heroes

4th 1899 Philippine War started

*12th Abraham Lincoln´s birthday

14th 1966 Rochester adopts the 173rd Airborne

14 Week National Salute Hospitalized Veterans

15th 1898 USS Maine sunk – Spanish American War

*3rd Monday Presidents Day

19th 1945 The Battle of Iwo Jima – WWII

22nd 1967 The 1st 173rd parachute assault in Vietnam

*22nd George Washington´s Birthday

23rd 1945 First flag raising on Iwo Jima at 10:20AM – WWII

23rd 1945 Iwo Jima 2nd flag raising at 02:30 PM – WWII

24th 1991 Desert Storm ground assault – Gulf War

26th 1991 Marines retook Kuwait Embassy

27th 1942 Battle of Java Sea -WWII

28th 1991 Kuwait liberated – Persian Gulf War

2nd 1991 UN and Iraq agreed to cease fire – Gulf War

3rd 1931 Star Spangled Banner became the National Anthem

5th 1770 Boston Massacre prior to the Revolutionary War

8th 1965 First Marine Units land in Vietnam

16th 1802 U.S. Military Academy established

19th 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom

26th 1963 The 173rd was activated at Okinawa, Japan

29th 1973 The last U.S. troops left Vietnam

1st 1945 Invasion of Okinawa, Japan – WWII

6th 1917 America enters WWI

6th 1991 Iraq accepts cease fire – Persian Gulf War

6th Army Day

8th 1865 Lee surrenders – Civil War

10th 1942 Bataan Death March – WWII

11th 1783 Congress declares War end with Britain

11th 1991 Cease Fire takes effect – Gulf War

12th 1861 Attack on Fort Sumter started the Civil War

14th 1865 Lincoln was Assassinated

16th 1953 Battle of Pork Chop Hill – Korean War

18th 1942 Doolittle raid on Japan – WWII

18th 1865 Johnston surrenders ending fighting – Civil War

19th 1775 Start of the Revolutionary War

21st 1898 War with Spain

27th 1805 First U.S. Flag raised over foreign soil

28th 1945 Hitler committed suicide

29th 1975 Operation Frequent Wind – Vietnam War

30th 1975 Saigon falls – Vietnam

1st Loyalty Day/Law Day

2nd 1975 U.S. Navy departs from Vietnamese waters

4th 1942 Battle of Coral Sea – WWII

4th 1994 Operation Restore Hope – Somalia

5th 1965 173rd 1st combat unit in Vietnam

5th 1945 Last Merchant ship sunk by U Boat

6th 1942 Battle of Coral Sea

*2nd Sunday Mother´s Day

7th 1915 Sinking of the Lusitania prior to WWI

7th 1945 Germany surrenders – WWII

8th 1945 VE Day (Victory in Europe)

10th 1969 Battle of Hamburger Hill – Vietnam War

12th 1846 U.S. declares war with Mexico

13th 1908 The Navy Nurse Corps established

**15th Peace Officers Memorial Day

*3rd Saturday Armed Forces Day

22nd National Maritime Day

23rd 1944 Breakout at Anzio

25th 1787 Constitutional Convention started

27th 2004 Dedication of WWII Memorial

30th 1838 Memorial Day was designated

**Last Monday Memorial Day observed (flag at half-staff till noon)

1st 1918 Battle for Belleau – WWI

4th 1942 Battle of Midway – WWII

6th 1944 Operation Overlord, D Day – WWII

10th 1951 Battle for Punchbowl – Korean War

12th 1775 Merchant Marines established

12th 2000 173rd re-activated in Vicenza, Italy

12th 1948 Women Authorized in Marine Corps

*14th Flag Day

14th 1775 U.S. Army established

15th 1944 Landing at Saipan

3rd Sunday Fathers Day

17th 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill – Revolutionary War

18th 1812 War of 1812 with Great Britain

19th 1944 Marianas Turkey Shoot – WWII

24th 1948 Berlin Air Lift

**25th 1950 North Korea invades South Korea

25th 1995 Idea born for Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial

25th 2000 Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial Dedicated

26th 1918 Marines captured Belleau-Wood – WWI

1st 1863 Battle of Gettysburg – Civil War

2nd 1926 U.S. Army Air Corps established

*4th 1776 Independence Day

4th 1902 End of Philippines War

5th 1950 First U.S. ground action – Korean War

10th 1951 Korean peace talks begin

16th 1995 Start of S.E. MN Veterans Memorial committee

17th 1952 Battle at Old Baldy – Korean War

21st 1861 First battle at Bull Run – Civil War

24th 1944 Landing at Tinian

26th 1948 De-segregation of Armed Forces

**27th 1953 Korean Armistice signed

28th 1914 Austria-Hungary declares War on Serbia starting WWI

1st 1914 Germany declares war on Russia – WWI

1st Air Force Day

2nd 1990 Iraq invades Kuwait – Persian Gulf War

3rd 1914 Germany declares war on France – WWI

4th 1790 U.S. Coast Guard established

4th 1950 Established Pusan perimeter – Korean War

4th 1914 Germany invades Belgium – WWI

4th 1814 British invade Washington, DC

6th 1945 Atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima Japan – WWII

7th 1942 Battle at Guadalcanal – WWII

7th 1990 Desert Shield – Persian Gulf War

8th 1934 President presents plaque to Brothers Mayo in Rochester

8th 1945 Soviet Union declares war on Japan – WWII

8th Wounded Warrior Day (Purple Heart)

9th 1945 Atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki Japan – WWII

10th 1964 Tonkin Resolution signed starting point of Vietnam War

14th National Navaho Code Talkers Day

14th 1945 Japan announces surrender – WWII

18th 1951 Battle of Bloody Ridge – Korean War

18th 1965 Operation Starlight – Vietnam War

25th 1944 Paris Liberated

26th 1865 Civil War ends

First Monday Labor Day

1st 1939 WWII Started

2nd 1945 Japan signs surrender – WWII

3rd 1783 Treaty of Paris – Revolutionary War

7th 1943 Allies land at Salerno

11th 1943 Italian Navy surrenders – WWII

**11th 2001 World Trade Center Attack

13th 1951 Battle of Heartbreak Ridge – Korean War

14th 1814 Francis Scott Key writes Star Spangled Banner

15th 1950 Inchon landing – Korean War

16th 1950 Pusan perimeter breakout – Korean War

16th 1919 American Legion incorporated by Congress

16th 1940 First Peacetime Draft

*3rd Friday POW/MIA Day

*17th 1787 U.S. Constitution approved

17thCitizenship Day

17th 1862 Battle of Antietam – Civil War

18th 1947 U.S. Air Force established

20th 1951 First combat helicopter landing in history – Korean War

26th 1918 Meuse-Argonne offensive – WWI

29th 1899 VFW established

Last Sundday American Gold Star Mother´s Day

7th 2001 Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan

9th 1950 Invasion of North Korea by U.S. forces

*2nd Monday Columbus Day observed

13th 1775 U.S. Navy established

16th 1950 China enters North Korea – Korean War

19th 1781 British surrender at Yorktown

20th 1944 MacArthur returns to Philippines

23rd 1983 Over 200 Marines were killed at Lebanon

24th UN Day

25th 1950 First land battle with Chinese – Korean War

25th 1983 U.S. forces evacuate U.S. citizens from Grenada

*27th NAVY DAY

1st 1950 China jets attack U.S. Air Force – Korean War

First Tuesdayafter First Monday Election Day

3rd 1967 Battle of Dak To

8th 1950 First all jet air combat – Korean War

8th 1942 Allied invasion of North Africa

10th 1775 Marine Corps was established

*11th Veterans Day

11th 1918 was Armistice Day ending WWI

12th 1942 The Battle of Guadelcanal – WWII

13th 1942 Five Sullivan brothers killed – WWII

19th 1967 Battle of Hill 875 – Vietnam War

19th 1863 Gettysburg Address

20th 1943 Battle of Tarawa

*4th Thursday Thanksgiving Day

22nd 1963 President Kennedy assassinated

27th 1950 First major battle with the Chinese Chosin Reservoir – Korean War

7th 1941 Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

8th 1941 U.S. declares War on Japan – WWII

10th 1898 Treaty of Paris – Spanish American War

16th 1865 the 13th Amendment was ratified abolishing slavery

16th 1773 Boston Tea Party prior to the Revolutionary War

16th 1944 the Battle of the Bulge – WWII

17th 1989 Operation Just Cause, Panama

20th 1860 South Carolina is the first State to secede from the Union

24th 1814 Signing Peace of Ghent War of 1812

24th 1950 Hungnan evacuation – Korean War

*25th Christmas Day

26th 1776 Battle of Trenton

31st 1946 Designated as the official end of WWII